DeCarlo Captures Round Three At Petaluma


Petaluma, May 31-
Round three of the seven-event Nor-Cal Challenge IMCA Modified Tour saw another nice 24-car field sign in with Carr Racing Chassis Modified Division and Petaluma locals capturing the three heat races. Defending champion Oreste Gonnella, multi-time champ Michael Paul Jr., and point leader Nick DeCarlo grabbed the undercard preliminaries. Veteran Randy McDaniel led from the outset over Brian Cass and Chris Sieweke. A couple of multi-car spins kept the action tight as Ryan McDaniel and DeCarlo inched their way into the top three from third row starting berths. DeCarlo grabbed the lead from Randy McDaniel on lap 11 & 12 only to see caution negate the pass both times. Finally on the 14th circuit DeCarlo, showing his mettle, made a beautiful outside pass of Randy McDaniel for the top spot. The final clean and green stretch to the checkers saw son Ryan dicing heavily on his way up to second with Cass, father Ryan, and Antioch Speedway Champion Troy Foulger. At the Scott Erwin twin checkers it was DeCarlo with his third Petaluma win in a row to start the 2014 season. Second through fifth were: Cass, Ryan McDaniel, Randy McDaniel, and Troy Foulger.

Chadwick Wins 2014 Season Opener in Chico


Photo by Krazy KC Photography

March 8, 2014 – Silver Dollar Speedway, Chico, CA

A staggering 43 dirt modifieds entered the Saturday night show at Silver Dollar Speedway. It marked the first round of the Nor-Cal Dirt Modified Challenge. Throughout the entire night, the modifieds put on a second to none show featuring close racing and high speed drama.

Defending Nor-Cal Challenge Series Champion Ryan McDaniel led at the start of the 30 lap main event. McDaniel has amassed 37 career main event wins at Chico since 1999, including last years Silver Cup. It was evident from the start, however, that the car to beat was Kellen Chadwick. On lap four Chadwick passed Troy Foulger for second. From lap six to lap eleven Chadwick and McDaniel raced side by side. Their determination to take the lead coupled with their understanding of not crashing each other was fun to watch.

On lap 13 Chadwick finally edged ahead of McDaniel and took the lead. After that moment Chadwick was a rocket ship and extended his lead. The battle for third on back was intense. Monte Bischoff, Duane Cleveland and Nick DeCarlo all were vying for the third spot. On the final lap, Foulger drove around McDaniel and solidified the second spot. McDaniel came home in the third position. With two laps remaining DeCarlo passed Bischoff for fourth. At the finish Chadwick held a 1.506 second advantage.

With the large car count, two B main events were needed. Winning the first 8-lap B main was Duane Cleveland. Finishing second was Roger Lorenzini. In the second B main event Kyle Casson beat Riley Simmons. Both cars transferred to the feature event.

Ryan McDaniel, Randy McDaniel, Kellen Chadwick and Troy Foulger were each victorious in their eight lap heat races. Nick DeCarlo turned the fastest lap in qualifying. His lap was 15.860.


A Main:
1 83 Kellen Chadwick
2 49 Troy Foulger
3 10 Ryan McDaniel
4 17 Nick DeCarlo
5 F1 Monte Bischoff
6 1 Randy McDaniel
7 16p Richard Papenhausen
8 1x Aaron Crowell
9 11k Kyle Casson
10 21r Riley Simmons
11 01 Roger Lorenzini
12 2c Duane Cleveland
13 34m Albert Gill
14 73m Dave Dusty Jr.
15 6m Matt Murphy
16 28k Chester Kniss
17 68x Jay Sears
18 121 Jeff Olschowka
19 23 Oreste Gonella
20 24 Curtis Towns

B Main #1:
1 2c Duane Cleveland
2 01 Roger Lorenzini
3 36 Alex Wilson
4 55 Craig Nieman
5 81r Jake Vantol
6 77 Leif Berglund
7 31 Chris Compton
8 68 Jesse Bailey
9 72 David Johnson
10 4x Anthony Slaney

B Main #2:
1 11k Kyle Casson
2 21r Riley Simmons
3 50 Michael Paul Jr.
4 7m Mitch Murphy
5 88 Carl Berendsen
6 39 Kyle Wilson
7 01k Terry Kaiser
8 18h James Hite
9 101 JD Rose
10 21j Justin Saltel
11 38 Dustin Massey
12 2jd Jake Dewsbury

Full Results can be found on Silver Dollar Speedway website


2014 Season Preview

The second season of the Nor-Cal Challenge IMCA Modified Series will kick off its seven-race 2014 schedule Saturday Night March 8th at Silver Dollar Speedway in conjunction with the season opening annual Silver Cup Race.  Antioch Speedway will again host two events on May 10th  & June 28th.  Petaluma Speedway’s pair of events will be on May 31st & July 26th.  Placerville Speedway will join the four track rotation this year with an event on Aug 23rd.  All competitors must comply with IMCA rules, be IMCA Members, and only IMCA approved (stamped) Hoosier Tires will allowed.

Last year’s inaugural season saw record car counts support the series with fields of 30 + cars the norm.  Defending champion Ryan McDaniel as well as top competitors Kellen Chadwick, and Nick DeCarlo are expected to return to defend their podium points finishes.

The tour will again provide a minimum $2,000 points fund payout to the top three points finishers.
The purse structure for the tour will be:

(1st) $1000, (2nd) $500, (3rd) $300, (4th) $250, (5th) $200, (6th -22nd) $150

Semi-main competitors will earn $50 per non-transferring car.  Transferring cars will get the guaranteed $150 starting money.

The 2014 Nor-Cal Challenge IMCA Modified Series Schedule is:
Saturday, March 8 – Chico (Silver Cup)
Saturday, May 10 – Antioch
Saturday, May 31 – Petaluma
Saturday, June 28 – Antioch
Saturday, July 26 – Petaluma
Saturday, August 23 – Placerville
Saturday, September 27 – Chico (Fall Nationals)

For more information contact:
Rick Faeth
(408) 499-6845
email: bcra91@

Brian Cass Takes Petaluma Victory


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July 27, 2013 – Round number six of the inaugural Nor Cal Challenge IMCA Modified Tour saw a nice field of 21 cars sign in. Local pilots Norman Boeck and Don Camili captured the first two heats, while current tour point leader Ryan McDaniel garnered the third. The main event saw the first ten laps click off in rapid succession with local hot-shoe Chris Sieweke setting a swift pace. A caution on lap 11 restacked the field and saw a dynamic door-to-door battle between Sieweke and Livermore’s Brian Cass. Cass utilized the race’s fastest lap with a blistering 16.053 on the 13th circuit to finally clear Siewke. The last dozen laps were clicked off with a trio of Petaluma Carr Racing Chassis locals high-tailing it behind Cass. At the 25-lap checkers it was an excited Cass leaping from his car to the delight of the crowd over Oreste Gonnella, Michael Paul Jr., and Sieweke. Nor Cal Tour Point leader Ryan McDaniel came home fifth.


A Main Results:
1 55 Brian Cass
2 23 Oreste Gonnella
3 50 Michael Paul, Jr.
4 74 Chris Sieweke
5 10 Ryan McDaniel
6 10x Randy McDaniel
7 1c Aaron Crowell
8 17 Nick DeCarlo
9 33 Don Camilli
10 16m Michelle Byron
11 54x David Spriggs
12 2jd Jake Dewsbury
13 14 Mark Haas
14 01 Terry Kaiser
15 31 Chris Compton
16 83 Kellen Chadwick
17 32p Dan Payne
18 16 Michael Paul, Sr.
19 68 Norman Boeck
20 3m Mitch Machado

McDaniel Ends Antioch Drought – Captures IMCA Nor Cal Challenge Tour Event

Ryan McDaniel (10) battles Nick DeCarlo early in the feature. (Mike Adaskaveg Photo)

Ryan McDaniel (10) battles Nick DeCarlo early in the feature. (Mike Adaskaveg Photo)

Antioch, CA – It was a night of spills, thrills and firsts at Antioch Speedway Saturday night (June 29). Fans who beat the heat by cooling off at the 3/8 mile oval saw Ryan McDaniel of Chico duel lap after lap with Kellen Chadwick of Oakley to win the IMCA NORCAL Modified Challenge.  It was McDaniel’s first win in two seasons at the tough 3/8-mile clay oval. After the race, he raved about the track’s condition. “It was a lot better than I thought it would be after they added water on it after the heat races,” he said in victory lane. “There were racing lanes on the bottom and in the middle of the track. It was a smooth, hammer down, race track.”  Second place “Tricky” Troy Foulger of Martinez pulled everything he had out of his hat, but couldn’t challenge McDaniel.  “All I can say is that I tried really hard,” said Foulger, pouring sweat after racing hard in the evenings near record heat.  First, it was Nick DeCarlo of Martiniez who surged into an early lead over the rest of the pack. DeCarlo left the track after he shut down in the second turn while in the lead because his engine was overheating.  Chadwick looked like he had McDaniel beat. He came from the back of the pack after an early race spin out. On a restart with just five laps to go, Chadwick passed McDaniel and was solidly in the lead. Suddenly, he pulled off the track onto the first turn exit ramp, giving up his lead.  After the race, he explained what happened to cost him the win.  “I thought the engine was about to fail, so I shut it down,” he said. “All it was a spark plug wire.”

Ryan McDaniel Wins in Petaluma

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Round four of the Nor-Cal Challenge IMCA Modified Tour saw 24 cars compete.

Always fast Nick DeCarlo, tour point leader Ryan McDaniel, and local hot shoe Chris Sieweke capture the three qualifying heats.

The main event saw one of the favorites Kellen Chadwick loop his car mid pack in turn two on the first lap causing the field to scatter. Twenty minutes later with only three laps in the books and numerous multi-car tangles action seemed to finally pick up and good racing was witnessed.

DeCarlo involved in one of the early cautions started his run from the back. Chris Sieweke was the leader through lap nine. A text book move by Anthony Restad captured him the lead exiting turn two on lap nine, however was negated by the eighth caution flag of the event. A return to action now saw Oreste Gonnella and McDaniel get the sense the event was in jeopardy and make moves to advance. Lap 10 saw MacDaniel make the winning pass off of turn four.

Due to so many caution flags the event was checkered on lap 13 after 35 minutes. Following McDaniel were, Sieweke, Gonella, Restad, and DeCarlo.

Results June 1st

Points after June 1st

McDaniel, Ryan 156
Chadwick, Kellen 144
DeCarlo, Nick 133
Papenhausen, Richard 115
Plourde, Freddie 106
Cass, Brian 97
Mendes, Daniel 93
Kniss, Chester 93
Cleveland, Duane 89
Lindeman, Raymond 88
Sieweke, Christopher 75
Azevedo, Brian 72
Casson, Kyle 71
Duste, David Jr. 70
Gonella, Oreste 68
Hogge, Bobby (IV) 67
Crowell, Aaron 60
Wentworth, Trent 58
Paul, Michael Jr. 54
Boeck, Norman 52
Byron, Michelle 48
Myers, Joel 46
Olschowka, Jeff 46
Pierce, John 38
Restad, Anthony 37
Burke, Cody 37
Foulger, Troy 35
Carrell, Mark 35
Nieman, Chris 34
Murphy, Mitch 33
Dewsberry, Jake 32
McDaniel, Randy 32
Motts, Bobby 31
Wilker, Bill 31
Spriggs, David* 30
Bailey, Jesse 29
Neu, Kenny 28
Compton, Chris 27
Kaiser, Terry 26
Davenport, Doug 26
Slaney, Anthony 24
Robertson, Wil 22
Lewis, Brian 21
Payne, Dan 20
Haas, Mark 19
Busby, Scott 19
Paul, Michael 18
Ryan, Jason* 16
Benkowski, Raymond 16
Rosa, David Michael 15
Craig, Evan T. 15
Norris, Robert 14
Haemmig, Mike 14
Porter, Ryan 13
Berglund, Leif 13
Smith, Bill III 12
Roy, Jerry Jr. 11
Murphy, Matt 11
Anderson, Paul  11